By the US – I mean my husband, Bryce, and I!

Our Love Story

We met in college in the south – I’m from New England, he’s from the midwest.  We married in 2008 and just celebrated ten years this past October!

I want to tell you about him because “us” is a big part of me!  Bryce is my confidant, support, AND my editor.

He handles the bulk image post-processing for all my weddings and any other editing or retouching work that needs to be done.

Your engagement and your wedding day are new chapters to YOUR love story.  Congratulations on starting those chapters and I’m glad that it has brought you here!  Before your story had a proposal and a ring and wedding boards on Pinterest, there were some opening chapters.  How you met, what you love about each other, all your firsts are told through your thoughts and memories.  I work with my couples to illustrate their love stories as you move towards your wedding day allows their stories to be relived and remembered vibrantly.

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